Material and delivery


Size and layout

  • The size of the publication in layout should be the size of the final product.
  • Create the publication for layout as single pages, not as spreads or pairs of pages.
  • PDF files can contain several consecutive pages.
  • Do not submit material with extra blank pages.


  • Bleeds 3 mm.
    The producer/creator of the PDF file is responsible for ensuring that the bleeds are sufficient.


  • For 4-colour print jobs, all RGB-elements will be converted to the target CMYK-profile.
  • In PunaMusta’s workflow 100% black will be forced to overprint and white will be forced to be knockout.
  • Avoid placing elements closer than 4 mm from the edge of the page.

Image resolution

  • Image resolution 300 dpi, irrespective of the rastering process. For newspaper products 200 dpi.

Do not use Scandinavian characters or special characters in file names. The names should contain an underscore in front of the page number but the name of the file must not start with an underscore.

Colour management

ICC profiles for preparing and proofing material can be downloaded here:


Copy ICC profiles to folder:

  • Mac: Macintosh HD – Library – Application – Adobe – Color – Profiles – Recommented
  • PC: Disc (C) – Windows – System32 – spool – drivers – color

Profile for Coldset printing:

  • WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5.icc, for all papers.

If your material has RGB elements, during PunaMusta Oy’s workflow they will be converted to the profile for the paper type in question. This conversion uses the input profile included with the material where available.

CSF files:


Download CSF files in Photoshop: “Edit” – Color Settings” – “LOAD”

PDF settings

If you use InDesign to create the page, we recommend producing a PDF file by Export to PDF.

You can download the JobOptions file for Acrobat Distiller and InDesign CS here: [updated 13.5.2011]


File transfer

Ftp server: Logins can be obtained from your account manager. Use an FTP client to transfer files.

Mac: Cyberduck for Mac can be downloaded here:
PC: FileZilla for PC can be downloaded here:


Portal, a web-based system for receiving and approving materials:
Logins can be obtained from your account manager.

Instructions for using the Portal system can be downloaded here: