Professional print services – PunaMusta

PunaMusta Oy is part of the PunaMusta Media Group, which belongs to Laakkonen Companies. PunaMusta is a printing house, which provides services for magazine, newspaper and digital printing, large format printing, the development of business visibility and the printing of various marketing products.

Our print products include various customer magazines, brochures, business cards, sales materials, trade fair and store decor – in other words, everything that requires diverse experience and printing skills.

PunaMusta’s services cover all the subareas of modern printing. We serve customers in the design and layout of the product, facilitate the everyday life of our customers, e.g. with the help of our order systems.

Most of our print work processes are automated, but our staff operate in the main role of our company. We invest in personal service and we have been told that it works. We are a large company, but small enough to be close to the customer.


Sales Director, Scandinavia
Tel. +46 76 878 5940