Positively different printing house

Printing house PunaMusta’s printing services cover all aspects of printing from single copies to print runs in the millions. We have a strong reputation as a magazine printer, but we are equally capable with newspapers, brochures and large format prints.

Big plans require heavy-duty equipment. Our large format printers conjure up everything you need from exhibition stands to decorations. Our large format production is at your service, whether your choice of message is an exhibition stand, banner, sticker, poster, roll up or advertising wrap. Our printing and cutting thickness is 50 mm, and we can execute prints on special materials as well, for example on wood or metal.
Our new newspaper printing press can give a little bling even to newspapers. How does a special supplement peeking out from a newspaper sound like? Or, we could provide the entire paper with shiny covers. We can offer the services you need, whether it’s a question of a small digital print job or a print run of a million. Our printed products include magazines, newspapers, brochures, business cards, catalogues, calendars and envelopes.
Lukusali 24/7 offers a service where we convert printed magazines quickly into electronic form. You can include all kinds of goodies in the electronic magazine: videos, photo collages and links directly to trading sites. Lukusali works equally well with a browser, an iPad and with Android.
Request a quote, if you want more information on large format printing, printed products or electronic magazines. We promise to include a positively different service attitude, free of charge.