Environment and quality



PunaMusta’s quality and environmental issues are guided by the criteria of the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The work carried out at PunaMusta Oy’s offices and plants is steered by a quality and environmental policy approved by PunaMusta Oy’s Board of Directors. Staff are committed to acting in accordance with the policies laid down and to complying with the manuals drawn up to guide their work.

Quality policy

Technical and operational quality is founded on the expectations of the customer. We recognise that our success rests on meeting these expectations. We acknowledge the customer requirements, legislation and criteria that govern our operations and incorporate them in our work. The input of our staff is important to us, and the training and open information we provide mean that we have faith in the ability of our highly motivated staff to produce quality products now and on into the future. We monitor and measure the quality of our business and are committed to continuing improvement. We pass on our expectations of quality to all our suppliers and partner companies and evaluate their ability to deliver as part of PunaMusta’s quality output. Maintaining technical and operational quality is an on-going process to which PunaMusta’s management and entire staff are fully committed.

The PunaMusta Group has been awarded ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 quality and environmental management certificates. We have been audited by Bureau Veritas, which concluded that our operations comply with the above quality and environmental standards. Our quality project has seen us scrutinising our operations and the certificates we have been awarded oblige us to continue to improve. Quality is guaranteed by our professional and experienced staff and our updated order processing and monitoring system will further improve our delivery reliability.